Authentic savory Jamaican patties are something Mama B has baked and perfected over many years.  If you’ve been looking for your personal Jamaican patty connection -  you’ve found it here with Mama B!

Mama B was born in Kingston, Jamaica where at a very young age her love of cooking using simple fresh ingredients was first inspired by watching her mother, aunts and other family members prepare savory Jamaican meals in their modest home.  Mama B continued to hone her culinary skills and soon she was the one that her family, friends and neighbors in Jamaica turned to for their inspiration.

Mama B has always been brave and adventurous, and as a young adult she moved from Jamaica to England where she became a nurse, met her husband and started her own family.  She and her husband then moved their young family to Winnipeg, Manitoba where they quickly settled into Canadian life … but in true Mama B style she never stopped cultivating her love and passion of authentic Jamaican home cooking!   Over the years Mama B lovingly nourished her own children with her Jamaican cuisine which quickly spilled over to again include feeding her friends and neighbors.  Everyone that entered her home knew that if Mama B was in the kitchen (she was always in the kitchen!) something extraordinary was about to happen.

Mama B has always been passionate about sharing her Jamaican cuisine, and is so excited that you can now enjoy her savory food in your own kitchen with your families and neighbors.

In Winnipeg, MB with the help of Danny’s Whole Hog she is bringing her patties from her heart to your home.